Simon Hornyánszky

Simon Hornyánszky

Destiny Consultant (Feng Shui, Bazi, 9 Stars Ki)

How are you in contact with Reality? Usually through filters of belief, education, social norms. For many, Feng Shui and Astrology are known as unscientific, esoteric, supersticious practices, which play people, pull the strings through fear and awe. Those who live their lives by a sane, rational, logical way, usually have no contact with such methods or mindfully avoid them. And they are usually right.
However, my studies at the Feng Shui Reseach Center (FSRC) clarified the genuine, logical side of these ancient methods, purified them from confusions and misbelief. Teachings of Joseph Yu and Marianna Halassy revealed the basic principles, theory and application. Through my own studies, it became crystal clear that these methods open doors to a broader world, where we get tools to cope with our obstacles, change our life situations, crisis to workable opportunities. Nothing is predestined, everything is changeable.
These methods are not less scientific than quantum theories, they were developed through cosmological, physical, mathematical, environmental, social and antropological observations, empyrical investigations and logical conclusions. They are holistic, all-encompassing and universal, not just “Chinese”. My goal is to show the modern application of these ancient sources, purely and directly, show the way to reconnect with ourselves, our inherent and unique values and with each other. I believe these are the most important pillars of our lives.

Since 1998 I am practicing Yang Style Taijiquan in Hungarian Quan Zhen Daoist Community, and I study oriental metaphysics thoroughly and in a comprehensive way since 2007 from various teachers and written sources:

  • Xuan Kong Feng Shui Flying Stars (Fei Xing) method for assessing the internal and external factors of a building;
  • San Yuan és San He Water-methods (Shui Fa) for assessing topographic factors (mountains and waterways)
  • Four Pillars of Destiny (Si Zhu Ba Zi) for studying individual tendencies, natal conditions and turning points of life
  • Nine Star Ki Astrology for studying natural cycles of physical-mental-spiritual development, and for forecasting events (9 Ki Divination)
  • Da Liu Ren, Qi Men Dun Jia, Wen Wang Gua, Mei Hua for contemplating on personal relations and innate patterns of life events.

After I received my Feng Shui diploma at FSRC / CHI, I decided to deepen my knowledge and practical skills. So I contacted Heluo who has been applying the oriental methods in existential coaching since 1979. His heartful, lively devoted and down-to-earth approach is quite unique in the field, honestly reveals the wisdom of the ancient sages, clarifies the often misinterpreted messages of the classics. Besides extending further than I imagined in the methods I’ve already practiced, I’ve also learned Nine Star Ki from his uniquely extensive work (more than 1400 pages of pure essence :)). Then in 2013, I earned the Destiny Consultant diploma.

It is a shining memory thinking back to the three years of intensive study with Heluo. His devotion to the matter is really empowering: with down-to-earth sanity, it cuts through even centuries old fabrications, solidified myths and luring symbols. He shows and presents the tradition and science of the sages as they were originally intended to be. As our emails went back and forth, the homework material was growing to a size quite matching with the workbooks and there were no air talks, every word and sentence had its meaningful message. Vast array of topics we discussed besides the main courses: macrobiotics, bushido, physiognomy, life coaching etc. All the courses are interrelated and they were working with my whole being, so they were much more than just simply theories and methods composed by neat words. I heartfully recommend openness and honesty during his courses and you can reach higher (or deeper) realms than you ever imagined and still you will have stable feet on the ground.

Since 2012, I’ve been studying a way of contempative psychology with Irini Rockwell, on yearly retreats, personal and online training in mindful awareness, tonglen, meditation postures, coaching and other applications of the Five Wisdoms system. In 2014 May, as a thesis in Wisdoms@Work, I developed a method for mapping personal mind patterns combining Four Pillars of Destiny and Five Wisdoms. This is – as far as I know – is unparallel in the world, though the observations on the five-fold concept of human nature is fundamental in Chinese metaphysics.

In May 2017, I started to teach Four Pillars of Destiny based on my extensive studies from various masters and books, and my own translations of old Chinese fate-calculation classics (Di Tian Sui, San Ming Tong Hui, Yuan Hai Ziping, Ziping Zhen Quan etc.). I’ve been ceaselessly extending my knowledge and tools of application since then, unbrokenly keeping the profound and comprehensive approach, seeking the possibilities of a synthesis with other methods (e.g. western astrology), but not conflating things which should be separated.

Although my course material is only in Hungarian, I made some coaching handlets for foreigner clients. Feel free to email me if you’d like to get a guideance through your life situation.

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